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Why haven't I seen the admin today???

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Why haven't I seen the admin today???

Post by Gabeangel on Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:26 pm

Sometimes a day or 2 may go by and you may find yourself thinking 'I haven't seen Cariad and/or Gabe around much recently...aren't they supposed to be running this place or something?!' Well as the admin of this site, we take the responsibility of being here seriously...and as members of the support network we both want and need to be active here...but both of us have rather temperamental bodies which DON'T like us to be active in any way, shape, or form! Wink there will be times when we will not be as active as we would like.

Cariad has Fibromyagia and I have Fibromyagia, M.E., and Ehlers Danlos...all of which come with the lovely 'free gift' of severe fatigue and something called 'brain fog'...

Now for those who don't have any experience of brain fog...imagine somebody removed your brain and instead filled your head with slightly damp candyfloss...every time you try to process a thought it just kinda sinks into the candyfloss...and you know how hard it is to get anything unstuck once it's come into contact with candyfloss! Half the time that's it and you can only get part of the thought back out at best...

Every time you look at something it goes through your eyeballs and... *splat* into the candyfloss...good luck making sense of it now!!!
Every time you try to listen to something...through your ears and... *splat* ...and you'll now be lucky to ever find it again let alone get enough of the candyfloss off to ever work out what it's supposed to mean!!

Also there is physical fatigue to a CRAZY extent in both the conditions...

SO we just wanted you all to know that if we are MIA occasionally...or here but say something REALLY dumb that makes no's not personal and we will be back soon.

Gabe and Cariad


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Re: Why haven't I seen the admin today???

Post by Cariad Admin on Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:12 pm

Thank you babe for explaining this,,
just to let people know I am having one of these days an really sorry to let people down..but really not able to think straight to
day.. Idea
Cariad Admin

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